What to Expect

Before our discovery meeting, you’ll receive a checklist of important items to bring so we can learn more about your financial situation.

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In our discovery meeting, you should expect us to:

We walk our clients through a simple, yet effective, 3 step process:

1. Discovery Interview

In this meeting we review current statements and future goals. We want to leave this phase with a clear picture of what is important to you, your family and your finances.   

2. Analysis

During this phase we review statements and view where you are in relation to your goals.

3. Strategy Presentation

During this phase we will create and leave you with a strategy to either get you on track or keep you on a track to reach your goals.

Throughout this process you can expect us to cover all aspects of a holistic financial plan which includes:

I want to thank you personally for your help and advice in September/October of 2022! After talking with you about my future plans and what I really wanted out of life, I made it happen, thanks to you!!! I moved out of Texas and I am now living in Florida, in my new house, close to my kids and grandbabies!! You gave me the information and tools to make my dreams a reality and I cannot thank you enough for that! I am the happiest I have ever been, and my journey began the day i talked to you and you help me get started! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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