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Tristan Heng

Tristan Heng

Team Operations Associate

Tristan joined Team Howarth as a Team Operations Associate in 2022. Prior to joining the team, he worked in the banking industry maintaining client accounts and building relationships. With his experience he will continue to deliver excellent service and be diligent to our client’s needs. Tristan is attending Community College of Rhode Island to accelerate his education in the finance field.

In a world where money is a part of everyone’s lives, I hope to see all our clients and team in a successful future. If something is not to my own high standards, I end up feeling unaccomplished, so with every task and process I look to hold myself accountable for making sure everyone is pleased with the work.  

In my spare time, I enjoy being active and learning something new every day. Growing up my family did not do well with handling their funds. I want to change that for myself and make sure I can provide a stable and successful future going forward.

I hope everyone can take some investment knowledge and apply it to their everyday life!

We will always be there to guide you and your family on a better financial future.