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Corey  Gavin

Corey Gavin

Team Operations Associate

Corey joined Team Howarth as a Team Operations Associate in 2022. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2022 where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. While attending the University of Rhode Island, he was part of the RAM Fund student-managed investment fund for two semesters. As part of this investment fund, 15 Finance students were selected to actively manage a portfolio of over $800,000 of endowment funds. Corey led the class in his second semester and went on to receive the RAM Fund Excellence Award.

Corey started supporting Team Howarth in 2021 as an intern in the Advisor Scholar Program. Through his internship Corey was introduced to the holistic financial approach that by Ben and Josh. This allowed him to get a well-rounded understanding of the business, and in tandem, being exposed to the incredible cohesion of the team. Following his internship, he knew that this was the industry he wanted to pursue a career in and most importantly, he knew he wanted to be a permanent part of Team Howarth.

In his current position, Corey is responsible for assisting all team members, as well as continually developing his understanding of the business. Corey is consistency motivated to work as part of the team and help all clients and place them in the best possible financial position for them and their loved ones.

In his free time, you can find Corey golfing with his brother and father, playing tennis with his mother, and softball with his friends. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends while simultaneously being active.