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Education in the Workplace

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help you create increased value to your business, your executives and your employees. Here are some examples

Financial Education Workshops

Financial education has become an essential component of any comprehensive benefits package. We can help you provide your employees with objective financial and retirement education with a customized suite of on-site workshops and consultations.

Comprehensive Pension / Benefits Consulting and Offerings

We can benchmark your current benefit programs against a variety of alternative carriers and companies to help you get the best plans at the best cost for your business. Our open architecture allows us to offer a range of products and services including group and voluntary benefits, executive benefits, retirement and savings programs and individual financial services.

Executive Suite Services

At Barnum Financial Group, our Executive Concierge program can provide a range of solutions to your executives and highly compensated employees. From specialized workshops to their own customized Personal Financial View website designed to help them see their complete financial picture to personal consultations, we can put together a value-added program for your key employees.